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Tamluk Hamilton high school, a most endearing citadel of learning, has her origin in 1852, five years before the birth of the Calcutta University and is the second oldest school in the whole district of Midnapur. It is our pride that she has produced a galaxy of brilliant scholars and luminaries like Saheed Kshudiram Bosu, Jadugopal Mukhopadhyay, Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee (Former-Chief Minister of West Bengal), Sir Sushil Kumar Dhara, Late Prof. Amalash Tripathi, 1st  in the matriculation examination in 1936 and Sir Paresh Chandra Maiti, a world famous artist in painting, who rendered and have been yet rendering yeoman service to the nation as to mankind.

                 With the best wishes of all, even to-day she has been offering a great number of promising intellectuals every year, while she may boast of Sriman Anirban Adhikary who stood third in the H.S. Examination in 1995 and of Sir Bikramjit Maity and Sri Arun Kumar Maity who stood twelfth respectively in General and Vocational Stream of the examination in 1996.

                  As a great edifice of learning she has developed a glorious heritage and claims to be a national monument worthy of preservation with care and devotion. Of course her smooth sailing badly needs a positive and progressive attitude from every quarter connected with her.

                    Now she is 158 years old and determined to turn a new leaf in her life of the new century, with her even fresh never and verve.

                    We most fervently appeal to all. Irrespective of any creed, position or place to lend and extend their sympathetic and generous attitude, help and assistance of any kind and valuable counsel to her to achieve her noble goal.



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165 Years old ...
Heritage School of West Bengal (INDIA).

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